Helping migrant families to improve their lifestyle and the conditions of children left behind in the home country.

Transnational migration —namely, the one with a defined duration and in which the migrant keeps strong bonds with the community of origin— often has serious consequences on both the parents that are leaving and on the child who is left behind with relatives. As a matter of fact, the child may lose some reference points, suffer and then choose negative paths, friends and reference points.

The project is based on the following three considerations:

  • migrants are not aware of the negative consequences migration may have on their life
  • there is a lack of training tools for operators working with transnational families
  • it is necessary to foster exchanges of best practices and methods among organisations dealing with migration

Improving migrants’ life

The aim of the project is to respond to these needs in order to improve the quality of social welfare networks and, as a consequence, the living conditions of people involved in the migration process.

Partners from all over Europe work in the field of migration, but have different backgrounds and knowledge:

  • psycho-social support for children left behind in the countries of origin;
  • services connected to the family reunification process;
  • remittances’ role in transnational family dynamics;
  • legalisation through marriage;
  • social impact of youth migration;
  • long-distance parenting;
  • psychological support for trafficking victims;

The advanced training for operators will improve the following aspects:

  • support for children left behind;
  • psychosocial support for parents in host countries;
  • caregivers’ empowerment;
  • school system’s role in transnational families’ dynamics;
  • support services for the family reunification process;
  • long-distance parenting in emergency conditions;
  • remigrants’ social inclusion;
  • co-development: transnational families as actors of two economic systems./li>

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