The reception centre La Bussola has been active in Borgarello (Pavia, Italy) since 1998 as the first home opened by Fondazione L’Albero della Vita. Here children between 3 and 12 years of age are hosted. They come from situations of serious social, family and cultural distress and are often victims of neglect or violence. Yet, thanks to Fondazione L’Albero della Vita, they find a real home in the facilities located near Pavia, where they receive care and attention to grow up surrounded by love and peace.

Francesco, from violence to trust in others

How it happened for 7-year-old Francesco, a very shy and sensitive child. One day nobody could find Francesco at La Bussola. It looked as if he had disappeared. Then one of our operators saw a small foot coming out from above the wardrobe. That was a common habit for Francesco because his mother was violent, would beat him and even put out her cigarettes on his arms. There was no way to calm and persuade him to come down until when the educator surprised him by opening a breach in that wall of mistrust: instead of insisting on him coming down, he climbed onto the wardrobe near him to comfort him and talk.

Now Francesco has changed and trusts adults again. He has many friends, both grown-ups and children, at La Bussola. What’s more, sometimes it’s him who finds out where other children are hidden and persuades them that there is no reason to be afraid.

Open doors, 24/7

Like all reception centres of Fondazione L’Albero della Vita, and thanks to the generosity of all its supporters, La Bussola is opened 24/7 in order to meet all the needs of its young guests. The project provides children with due care and attention, fostering an adequate emotional and relational development.

At La Bussola there are different specialised professionals, who create a personalised programme for all children, which is designed to help them overcome their past traumatic experiences.
The team of educators and specialised consultants ensures:

  • sensitivity and professionalism, based on deep professional and personal experience
  • orientation, as a result of a precise overview of the social intervention
  • ability to educate, to carry out the reception and growth process with clear points of reference
  • reception, to involve children in a warm and welcoming environment

Dozens of specific activities for children

At La Bussola, children are taken by the hand step-by-step in their education, sports and leisure time. They learn to be responsible for their own space and things, starting from their room, and participate in special activities, such as English courses and educational trips. These children learn while having fun. For example, Saturday night for older children is the long-awaited moment to watch a film together and then discuss about it.

The objective of the reception is to provide minors with age-appropriate incentives to foster day by day their emotional and cognitive skills, inclinations and passions. Whenever possible, children are reintegrated into their own families or rehomed in a foster family.

More than 60 stories with happy endings

Over the years, considering the constantly-growing number of requests, La Bussola has hosted in its facilities more than 60 children. These young guests arrived at this centre of Fondazione L’Albero della Vita after harsh experiences they wanted to leave behind, but thanks to our (and your) help have managed to solve their problems.

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