Child Sponsorship is one of the main ways to help poor children to solve their situation, study and have a better future.

Fleeing from slavery in the fields

India is the second most-populated country in the world and, despite the economic development it is experiencing, many families still live in extreme poverty. Besides city slums, there are many extremely poor villages all over the country. In such a reality, people find it hard to make ends meet and often flee towards large cities, but there this dream of success usually disappears in a slum.

Children of these remote areas are likely to end up working in the fields very soon, at the age of 3. Parents cannot support them and, like in Italy some decades ago, the small hands of these children are great for tea plantations.

Child labour often turns into slavery. This is also the destiny of children that are sold by their families, usually to people who promise to make them study and become rich, but who actually oblige them to beg and prostitute themselves.

Child Sponsorship Programme for 4,000 children

Fondazione L’Albero della Vita helps more than 4,000 children in India to study thanks to the Child Sponsorship Programme. These young people of humble origins are given the chance to study thanks to the many supporters from Italy who help them every year with their continuous donations.

Medical treatments, education, food and a bed for everyone

Child Sponsorship does not only mean providing young people with books and the opportunity to study. Fondazione L’Albero della Vita guarantees complete meals, medical treatments with specialised healthcare professionals and a bed for who comes from far away. This makes sure that who is not from villages near the school can still have the same opportunities.

A continuous relationship between donors and Indian children

Child Sponsorship is also, and above all, a relationship of love and friendship. It means really taking care of a child, because supporters will receive at home children’s school reports and letters and they will be able to write them back. It is not only an economic donation. It means taking responsibilities for world problems, by helping a child out of pure generosity.

How to support us

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