L’Albero della Vita is coordinating a research at European level in cooperation with some prestigious partners, called “Children’s rights in action. Improving children’s rights in migration across Europe. The Romanian case”.

The two year project foresees elaboration of the first organic research at European level with the aim to understand the needs of the children migrating from Romania towards Italy and Spain, in order to identify good practices to reduce their vulnerability and protect their rights.

L’Albero della Vita is a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) born in 1997 with the aim to protect and promote the rights of the minors in Italy and worldwide through development and solidarity interventions regarding social welfare, health care, education, training and local development.

L’Albero della Vita has been working since long time on the migratory flow from East Countries, especially from Romania. Many families, compelled by poverty, decide to go away to find more favorable working conditions, leaving their children at home. This massive emigration gave rise to the phenomenon of the “children left behind” in their original countries.

On this issue L’Albero della Vita implemented a support project in Romania addressed to some families in one of the main emigration areas, and carried out two important conferences in Milano and in Bruxelles, in order to aware Italian and European institutions about the problem. The research will be elaborated at the same time in Italy, Spain and Romania by important local organizations with the coordination of L’Albero della Vita.

The results of the research will be collected in country volumes and a European Volume that will be distributed to the institutions and to other subjects working on these issues.

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