CHanging Attitude Plus: Young people engagement to prevent FGM in Europe has the overall goal to prevent female genital mutilation (FGM) in Europe through young people activation. FGM has become a European concern. It is estimated that around 600.000 women are living with the consequences of FGM in Europe and that a further 190.000 girls and women are at risk. The strategy is shaped around the pivotal role of youth who are empowered to foster dialogue on FGM.

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How to be part of the CHAT Plus project

Materials for Young Change Makers

YMC training in Ireland

The first training for Young Change Makers took place in September in Ireland, organised by partner Akidwa at the Irish Commission for Human Rights and Equality, Dublin.

During the three-day training, 21 boys and girls participated with interest in sessions on female genital mutilation and communicating change; two gender experts addressed gender mainstreaming and gender-based violence, with the participation of a politician and a human rights expert from Akidwa.

Two leading Irish debating organisations, the Hist Debate Society, the oldest debating society in the world, and the Solicitors Apprentice Debate Society of Ireland, were involved to run debate modules, delivered by the two Irish Times Debate winners, engaging the group of young people in a debate on the question ‘Should countries that practice FGM be sanctioned?


6 February 2024

In Ireland, YCM (Young Change Makers) recorded a podcast published on February 6th in solidarity with the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Molly Scanlon and Conn Butler, two YCM members, hosted guests to discuss FGM. They spoke with Imelda Fitzgerald, an obstetrics tutor at Cork University Hospital, about the challenges faced by FGM survivors during pregnancy, childbirth, and labor. They also had a conversation with Hameedat, a migrant woman living in Ireland who shared her personal story related to FGM, and Sergeant Anne McGowan, who discussed Operation Limelight, a new initiative by the police in Irish airports to raise awareness about FGM.

You can listen to the podcast in English HERE

On January 29th, YCM organized an art exhibition and competition to raise awareness about FGM. The exhibition took place at the Olivier Cornet Gallery in Dublin, featuring artworks created by high school students. The artworks were inspired by themes related to FGM. Artists had the opportunity to explain their work during the event.

YMC training in Portugal

The training in Lisbon also concluded with the participation of 21 YCMs!

YMC training in Spain

YCM in Spain took part of training journey happened on different meetings held in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) campus and in the town of Vic, both in the Barcelona district. The training activities started with a workshop at the campus on November 12, 2023, followed by another workshop at Vic on December 10 and a small gathering with some of the UAB students that joined the previous training on December 18.The training path was concluded at the Vic Civic Center with the participation of 18 young girls and boys and was carried out on February 10, 2024. The YCM had the opportunity to take part on the training conducted by Nogay Ndiaye, educator and schoolteacher and Amal Hussein, political scientist, both experienced FGM-prevention activists.

Origins of the FGM phenomenon, Perspectives and gender mainstreaming

Origins of the FGM phenomenon, Perspectives and integration of the gender dimension – Social Workers in the Migration Department and Victim Support Centers – Teachers of various grades.
The training is held as part of the CHAT Plus project, co-funded by the European Union and developed by L’Albero della Vita Foundation in partnership with 4 European countries