Poverty in Italy has reached its highest level in at least 16 years as the economic crisis has bitten, driving up unemployment and cutting wages.

In Italy 1 million of children live in poverty, more than 1 out of 10. A condition that deprives them of every good and service in order to allow them a minimum acceptable standard of living. Over 30 thousand children are left behind their families because they are victims of violence, negligence, abuse.

In this social context where the economic crisis worsens day by day, L’Albero della Vita Foundation operates to protect children in its reception centers, early school leaving, to promote they rights and their knowledge.

L’Albero della Vita Foundation works in many projects and in many statements: in schools and in the suburbs, from Milan to Palermo, from Bari to Genoa, the center of the work for L’Albero della Vita is always the young man, his well-being, his education, his future.

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