This project in Lalitpur District in Nepal mainly aims to increase the income of farmers living in highly-vulnerable conditions by developing the first segment of a new value chain, that of lime and mandarin.

The 600 direct beneficiaries i.e. female and male farmers will be provided with technical training on the different stages of the first value-chain segment: soil preparation, slope stabilisation, micro-irrigation, orchard cultivation and intercropping.

In support of training, agricultural inputs and practical demonstrations on how to develop and manage new techniques will also be provided.

Besides these activities, the project will help farmers to set up a cooperative, which will be responsible for all the value-chain-management phases. The project staff will continually support the cooperative and the various stakeholders in developing the local market. There the final products i.e. lime and mandarin—, as well as the seedlings that will be grown in the nursery-greenhouse created in the framework of the project, will be sold.

The cooperative will also be supported in the management of post-harvest activities, thanks to the creation of 3 storage centres, 3 collection centres, as well as in the business development and access to credit institutions.