Since its foundation, L’Albero della Vita has been promoting effective initiatives to ensure wellbeing, to protect and promote rights

Ensure wellbeing

For L’Albero della Vita, ensuring children’s wellbeing means creating opportunities for a decent, full and satisfactory life: in other words, offering them a proper nutrition, personal and medical care, age-appropriate leisure, social and sports activities, as well as the chance of freely nurturing their most intimate aspirations.

Protect and promote rights

Protecting and promoting rights means designing each project and intervention according to the clear guidelines of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This translates into improving the life within the family, school and community by making it safer, more suitable for children’s life and proper growth and, finally, with more opportunities.

Foster development

Fostering development means to look at children’s potential, investing on their inner growth so that they can become one day wise and responsible adults, who are in control of their passionate life and are able to contribute to improve their society in a proactive, conscious and responsible way.

This is how a sustainable change can be generated in the disadvantaged environments, where L’Albero della Vita’s initiatives support minors and people around them.

L’Albero della Vita in all its procedures, at national and international level, is the exponent of specific values.


Such as focusing on children’s lives, loyalty and adherence to the vision, the mission and the ethical principles.

Such as focusing on the maximum impact, effectiveness, efficiency and quality of all social activities.

As consciously working in favor of the beneficiaries and maintaining a correct relationship with all stakeholders.

Such as the result of the ability to create deeply-rooted alliances and collaborations.

Such as the integration of several players in the decision making processes and above all the necessary involvement of children and youths.

Such as the search for a far-sighted interpretation of social phenomena, their meanings, scenarios and what they may develop.

Such as the inclination to learn from everything and anything, such as the commitment undertaken towards monitoring and evaluating activities with the aim of optimizing methodologies and improving results.

Propensione a imparare da tutto e ogni cosa, in ogni contesto e condizione; impegno a monitorare e valutare gli interventi al fine di perfezionare le metodologie e migliorare i risultati.

Such as the continuous research for solutions and problem solving; such as the interpretation of life as a great source of opportunities, resources and relationship.

Our Vision

A world childhood is granted great dignity and a real innovative potential is protected and developed everywhere with proper approaches and methodologies.da L’Albero della Vita’s concept of humanity and its future is inspired by the principles and approaches for development and communication of Patrizio Paoletti Foundation’sPedagogy for the third Millennium”.

Education as a key instrument

L’Albero della Vita’s social activity is focused on change as children and youths’ development, growth and evolution, allowing to foster the wellbeing of children and their families and social growth in the contexts of intervention.

According to the definitions outlined in Pedagogy for the third millennium, “development” implies solving issues that, psychologically speaking, hinder the learning potential and proper responses to daily interactions and that inhibit the enthusiasm for learning and growth challenges. “Growth”, instead, refers to the progressive conquest of spaces of movement and interaction, which are constantly wider and more complex. Consequently, the individual can build and sharpen more skills and can manage contexts of higher responsibility. Finally, “evolution” is meant here as the conquest and consolidation of our species’ most advanced capacities and the constant search for excellence in order to foster human progress in its widest sense.