The project “Nidi di Rondine”, carried out thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo,  offers an accommodation to foster autonomy with limited social protection of mother-child family units in economic and social distress, without any family support.

The aim of the project is to provide these families with an accommodation, building relations with associations and local institutions through the specific social housing project “Borgo Sostenibile” [sustainable village]. Such networks improve the daily reality and the relationships of its members and consequently favour a higher level of social inclusion and cohesion.

The intervention takes place  in a framework of generalised support and follow-up, designed to guarantee the project’s final stage: family units’ autonomy. After spending some time in first- and second-stage reception facilities, families are monitored for a short time before beginning a new life, in which mothers and children are independent.


  • offering support to mother-child family units with economic difficulties and housing problems;
  • providing paedagogical counselling to support mothers, children and family units
  • fostering socio-economic reintegration and supporting these families to reach an economic and housing stability so that they can live as independently as possible


Mothers of full age, with economic difficulties and without a stable accommodation, and their children. Despite successfully undergoing a first process of educational and psychological intervention, these women still express the need of receiving support in the delicate phase of social reintegration.
The educational staff is not continuously present, but only in certain moments of the week, according to the specific needs of each case after assessing women’s initial abilities and the specific features of family units.