Project Description

CHAT PLUS: CHanging Attitude Plus

CHanging Attitude Plus: Young people engagement to prevent FGM in Europe has the overall goal to prevent female genital mutilation (FGM) in Europe through young people activation.

The strategy is shaped around the pivotal role of youth who are empowered to foster dialogue on FGM.

The problem: FGM has become a European concern. It is estimated that around 600.000 women are living with the consequences of FGM in Europe and that a further 190.000 girls and women are at risk of undergoing the harmful practice in 17 European countries alone. This practice is widely recognized as a violation of human rights. The action is implemented with a wide European scope in Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and The Netherlands; a final event is planned to be implemented in Brussels, to reach members of EU Parliaments and EU stakeholders

The outcomes are: Young people with migrant origins stand up against FGM at community level; the capacity of professionals to develop an enabling environment to reduce FGM is enhanced; an effective multi-agency cooperation and partnership to improve practices and mechanisms against FGM is established. The long term impact of the action is the reduction of the estimated number of girls at risk of FGM through a change in the attitude of the communities, starting from new generations.

The specific objectives are:

  • To engage young people to became driver in the elimination of FGM in Europe;
  • To change the attitude of the target communities and professionals towards FGM practice;
  • To strengthen effective response mechanisms for preventing FGM and supporting survivors;

Target group: 70 members of local, national and European institutions; 80 Young people: girls and boys from second or third generation (aged 13/25). 300 Professionals of health, education, social and migration sectors; 1635 Diaspora representatives: women, men, religious leaders, private sectors, diplomatic representations; 50 potential perpetrators.

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