Project Description

Reception, family and social integration enhancement program for minors in Haiti

The project aims at improving the reception capacity and family reintegration of 8 centers involved in the project, acting on multiple levels.

At local level with centers’ operators training, leading them through an awareness process on the rights of minors, with particular attention to children with disabilities and in conflict with the law.

Family reinsertion is designed in particular for those children who are about to turn 18, when according to the law they must leave the institution. For these young people there are plans for professional integration.

We will work closely with the authorities responsible for the protection of minors and shelters such as IBESR and Child Protection Brigades to bring about a factual change in accompanying minors hosted in the centers.

Where: Metropolitan city of Port-au-Prince and Arrondissement de Mole Saint Nicolas in the West department

Project aims

Help promote and protect rights of vulnerable minors with disabilities and in conflict with the law as enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Strengthening the quality of educational services, psychological support and social and vocational rehabilitation for vulnerable minors with disabilities and in conflict with the law in reception centres of the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince and in the department of the West.

Partners and counterparts


  • Solidarite fanm ayisièn (SOFA)
  • Groupe médialternatif (GM)

Italian and International

  • Foundation for human Promotion and Health (PRO.SA)
  • Community voluntary Service Commitment (CISV)
  • MLAL Progettomondo (PMM)
  • University of Padua (UdP)
  • University of Notre Dame of Haiti (UNDH)
  • L’abilità Onlus Association (L’abilità)