We dream of a world without poverty, able to mirror the ideals of cooperation and sustainable development


L’Albero della Vita Foundation promotes schooling (from pre-school care trough to adulthood) as a key tool for human development; it fights against early school leaving in the most disadvantaged contexts.


L’Albero della Vita Foundation fights against child and families’poverty at a global level; it promotes the basic rights to water, food security,health and medical care in developing countries; it develops community programmes in poor and degraded areas.


L’Albero della Vita Foundation pays a great deal of attention to significant migratory phenomena associated with climatic, economic and geo-political change that have influenced mankind in our historical period It protects most vulnerable minors and families in migration processes and their children from Eastern Europe.


L’Albero della Vita works especially in favour of children and youths who live in situations of personal, family and social fragility, often outside their original family environment and who run the risk of falling prey to child prostitution, organised crime or any form of social deviance.


L’Albero della Vita Foundation operates in some contexts where natural disasters (in particular floods and droughts) are recurrent and impact dramatically on the population, threatening life, housing and infrastructure, productive activities.