Education transforms societies. It challenges inequality and discrimination. And education is often the most effective means of reducing inequality. But more than 150 million children in the world have to work to help their families instead of going to school. And for hundreds of millions of other children, access to education is hopelessly inadequate.

L’Albero della Vita works on awareness-raising and training activities for youths on social development, human rights and world citizenship. The educational commitment of L’Albero della Vita Foundation is also manifested through education to development and world citizenship with the aim of giving young people tools to better understand themselves in relation to the world. L’Albero della Vita works on participation-oriented programmes to help children and youths become agents of change.

Our Projects


WHEN: January – December 2022 (phase 1)​ WHERE: Nairobi and Kiambu counties, Kenya​ OBJECTIVES: to promote and implement [...]