Information in Virtue of Article 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003

Users’ data are processed by Fondazione L’Albero della Vita Onlus —data processor, based in Via Vittor Pisani 13, 20124 Milan— to send them SMS as requested with our organisation’s tax code, as well as to inform them about our initiatives, activities and projects carried out thanks to the contributions of our supporters.

Data will be processed —mainly electronically and telematically and with statistical analysis methods— exclusively by our association and by responsible partners in charge of the services related to the above. Such data will not be disclosed, disseminated or transferred abroad, and will be subjected to appropriate security procedures.

Users’ data may also be processed by third parties to perform services related to sending SMS (e.g. providers). Such third parties will act as independent data processors and —even if not set forth here— they will be required to provide information about the data processing operations they perform. Finally, data are treated —for the above-mentioned purposes— by individuals in charge of data processing and information systems, website technical management, implementation operations, as well as the organisation of fund-raising campaigns and institutional projects.

Under article 7 of the Italian legislative decree 196/2003, it is possible to exercise the rights to consult, modify and delete data or oppose their processing for the purposes of sending information, by writing to the data processor at the aforementioned address. Upon request, the latter will provide a list of those responsible for data processing operations.