TAGS aims to promote communication and language free of gender stereotypes among youth, teachers, private companies and public authorities through training and awareness paths helping them to identify and deconstruct stereotypes in the language and communication. The action reaches a total of 910 direct beneficiaries: 200 upper secondary school teachers, 300 upper secondary school students, 90 University students in Journalism and Communication, 200 professionals of media and advertising, 100 journalists and professionals of press agencies and 20 representatives of Italian public institutions. Moreover, the National campaign is expected to reach 200.000 viewers.

The proposal is composed by three main WorkPackages: WP 2: School based intervention and launch of the campaign to tackle gender stereotypes; WP 3: Awareness raising of private sector to tackle gender stereotypes in advertising and media sectors; WP 4: Supporting practices of Public authorities to tackle gender stereotypes on communication and campaigns addressed to youth. TAGS aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

– to create awareness in young people between 14 and 19 years on gender stereotypes present in language and visual communication, by co-designing with them an online campaign about gender stereotypes (WP2);

– to foster gender-fair teaching practices among upper secondary school teachers (WP2);

– to provide new knowledge and tools to students of communication university departments and schools of journalism in order to promote a gender-fair narrative in advertising and media (WP3);

– to provide private enterprises and communication and press agencies with a validated EU guide for promoting advertising and media messages free of stereotypes (WP3);

– to raise awareness among public institutions on the use of a language and a communication style that promotes gender equality in institutional campaigns addressed for youth (WP4).