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Field: Emergency

L’Albero della Vita Foundation operates in some contexts where natural disasters (in particular floods and droughts) are recurrent and impact dramatically on the population, threatening life, housing and infrastructure, productive activities.

It prepares plans -focused on children and with their direct participation and it studies warning systems for risk management; resilience enhancement in the community and among individuals.

The foundation intervenes to ensure basic human rights, such as food security and sovereignty, access to adequate medical care, water and healthcare services. It also fosters communities’ social development by empowering women and families and supports the creation of income-generating activities, as well as the resilience of communities that are frequently affected by humanitarian emergencies.

Our Projects

  • Bambini in India

Water for food in the Sundarbans’ coastal area

This project intends to provide an effective and efficient response to problems that hinder local development in India [...]

  • Emergenza Siria – Profughi Siriani a Milano

Syria Emergency – Syrian refugees in Milan

Since October 2013, with the mass inflow of migrants, Fondazione L’Albero della Vita has been helping more than [...]