The best gift for a child that has been separated from his family is finding love and peace. Fondazione L’Albero della Vita started taking care of children back in 2001 with ZeroTre, a reception centre for minors that was renamed ZeroSei in 2009. Yet, its young guests simply call it “kids’ home”.

9 children to help so they can have a happy future

The residential centre ZeroSei can host up to 9 children aged between 0 and 6, , becoming a new home for its young guests thanks to your help and educators’ professionalism. ZeroSei’s children, often very young, come from situations of neglect, abuse and family decay. It is key to make them feel at home, safe and protected as in a real family.

In almost 20 years, ZeroTre first and ZeroSei now have hosted 81 children

The residential centre ZeroSei:

  • has several living spaces
  • has different areas for joint activities
  • is open 24/7
  • is able to provide timely interventions

Our education staff consists of volunteers and specialised professionals: paediatricians, psychologists and educators.

An aid for children of all ages

Fondazione L’Albero della Vita has been always taking care of vulnerable children, from a very young age. The first step to offer them a better life is to create places where they are surrounded by adults they can trust and rely on.

The residential centres of Fondazione L’Albero della Vita are a reception and development model to guide children —divided by age group— during their growth:

  • childhood (age 0-6)
  • pre-school and school (age 4-13)
  • adolescence (age 13-18)
  • young people growing (age 15-21)

As in a family

Our reception centres are not generic places, but real homes where children and educators live together , deciding for example how to furnish the room and the colour of the walls. And inside life flows as that of any family: waking up in the morning, school, shopping, household chores, games, friends, cuddles, bedtime stories. The specific development project of every child is accompanied by a global project, in which social services assist members of the original household, if possible, to recover their role as parents.
Fondazione L’Albero della Vita’s centres for minors host a limited number of children (8 or 9 per centre), so that the young guests can learn to interact among themselves and with adults as best as possible.

100 children helped in more than 18 years

Thanks to your generosity, ZeroTre and ZeroSei have been able to host more than 80 children in more than 10 years. Many of them have met here their “special grown-ups”, foster or adoptive parents, who made their biggest dream come true: having a family.

How you can help

Support ZeroSei. Provide many children in need with a new home.